Interested in joining in our lab?

Thanks for your interest in the Freshwater Conservation Ecology Lab at Clemson University! I am committed to building a diverse lab group made up of individuals that exhibit a common core of academic excellence, passion for ecology, strong work ethic, professional integrity and a strong interest in applying science to solve conservation problems.    

Available Positions 


There are no opportunities available at this time. Please check back soon!

Message to Prospective Graduate Students

I am always on the lookout for outstanding scholars interested in earning a M.S. or Ph.D.  I strongly encourage prospective grad students to carefully consider how their research interests overlap with my own and why they are interested in pursuing a graduate degree before contacting me.  


Prospective students that feel they are a good fit for the lab are encouraged to send a CV and brief cover letter outlining their research interests to me. However, I typically only accept graduate students if assistantships are in place to support them for the duration of their degree.  When assistantships become available I will advertise them on this website, via Twitter and on popular wildlife job boards.  Otherwise, students are encouraged to seek their own funding through outside fellowships.  In particular, exceptional students with their own research ideas should consider applying for a Graduate Research Fellowship through the National Science Foundation (NSF GRFP; applications are due each Fall). 

Opportunities for Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students at Clemson University can get involved by volunteering to assist with research or by enrolling in courses that are associated with the research we do.  Volunteers should expect to commit a minimum of 2-4 hours per week during a semester. 

Undergraduates interested in gaining research experience are also encouraged to consider enrolling in a Creative Inquiry (CI) Course.  My CI courses are listed here, but have limited enrollment and required instructor approval for enrollment.  A complete list of current CI opportunities at Clemson University can be found here.  Students interested in my CIs should arrange a face-to-face meeting with me before April (for Fall enrollment) or October (for Spring enrollment).

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