Individual Level Responses to Environmental Change

How might environmental change influence the way that individual organisms function or behave?  

Current projects...

Geographic Variation in the Acute Stress Response of Hellbenders in Missouri

As a collaboration with Jeff Briggler from the Missouri Department of Conservation and Josh Millspaugh at University of Montana,  we are working to identify factors that influence physiological condition of hellbenders in Missouri. 

Reproductive Physiology & Ecology of Hellbenders Along a Land Use Gradient

In collaboration with Bill Hopkins at Virginia Tech we are currently investigating physiology and reproductive ecology of eastern hellbender salamanders along a land use gradient.  We use artificial shelters to monitor hellbenders on a year-round basis, including during the reproductive period.  This research is facilitated by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

Alligator Behavior in Human Dominated Landscapes

We are collaborating with Nemours Wildlife Foundation, state and local biologists and residential communities in coastal South Carolina to understand movement patterns of alligators in human-dominated landscapes and to investigate factors that influence alligator behavior in the presence of humans.  As an extension to this work, we will be using an experimental approach to evaluate the efficacy of negative conditioning as a management tool to minimize human-alligator interactions in residential landscapes.  Have you seen an alligator in SC with a color tag? Report it HERE.

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