Population Level Responses to Environmental Change

How do specific demographic rates (births, deaths, immigration, and emigration) respond to environmental alteration? And what are the implications for persistence of freshwater species? 

Current projects...

Hellbender Demography Along a Land Use Gradient 

 We recently completed a study in collaboration with Bill Hopkins at Virginia Tech focused on understanding how forest cover might influence abundance and recruitment of hellbender salamanders in Virginia. This work was published in Biological Conservation and complements a previous study describing patterns of hellbender occurence that was recently published in Diversity & Distributions. 

Demography of Plethodontid Salamanders in Headwater Streams of South Carolina

In 2016 we initiated a long-term mark-recapture study to understand population ecology of lungless salamanders inhabiting headwater streams of Clemson's  17,500 acre Experimental Forest. The forest marks the southern range extreme for many of our focal species.

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